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I am Mirza Aqeel

{ Full Stack Web Developer }

Hi, I’m Aqeel, experiencee in variety of languages and tools for web development that include PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AJAX, jQuery etc.
Developing small and large scale solutions like simple business intro sites to complex web based system for companies to enhance, accurate and advance their daily operations, accounts, sales, clients interaction, custom reports generation, e-commerce solutions, etc. Developing scale-able architecture with backups and efficient architecture to enhance application integrity and availability.

  • PHP, Laravel, Symfony Web Development
  • JavaScript, Node, React, Angular
  • MySQL, MongoDB
  • HTML5/CSS3, Responsive Layouts
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5 Mobile App Development

I have a passion for continuous learning and always look to extend my own boundaries. I’m Multi tasker, Can work under pressure, Regular and punctual, Sincere to my work, Professional and well organized.


2+ Years Experience

Node JS
Angular JS
Mongo DB







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{ PHP Web Development }

I offer you Web Applications in PHP and MySQL, complete database driven applications in PHP for your use on your system or for your Business. You can also have Single Page Website for you or for your Business or complete customized Blog in WordPress. I offer also applications in famous PHP Frameworks like Laravel or Symfony as per of your requirements.

{ JS Web Development }

Javascript is one of the best powerful languages for web development. I offer complete Websites in JavaScript and other JS technologies as Node JS, Ract JS or Agnular JS. I offer database driven Apps using NoSQL database as Mongo DB. I develop interactive and responsive websites in HTML5,CSS3. I also offer AJAX integration. You can find services for APIs, HTTP or RESTfull APIs as well.

{ HTML5 Mobile Apps }

I offer you Responsive Websites for almost all devices Mobiel, Tablet etc. I also offer Mobile Applications in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. I offer Web Apps i.e. Responsive websites. I can also develop for you Progressive Apps i.e. Apps can install through your Browser. I also offer Native Apps in HTML/CSS and Javasctipt the applications you can download and install from App Store.

Professional Experience

{ My Professional Career }

Freelancer Programmer

{ Freelance Web and Mobile App Developer }

I work as Freelancer Developer Since 2017, I have developed different projects you can visit and check those in my Portfolio as my work samples/examples.

Visit: Portfolio 2017 -

Xint Solutions, Lahore, Pakistan

{ PHP Web Developer }

I Worked in Xint Solutions as PHP Web developer with different Projects and Web Applications, mostly I worked in this firm in PHP, MySQL and oter technologies ike JavaScript, HTML/CSS, also worked in WordPress.

XintSolutions, Lahore, Pakistan
Visit: www.xintsolutions.com Jan 2014 - Feb 2015

Skylite Institute, Rabwah, Pakistan

{ Web Developer --Trainee }

I worked in Skylite Institute with different technologies, I did projects in HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript. In skylite institute I also attended lectures to learn different technologies. I also learned WordPress and Joomla in skylite.

Skylite Institute, Rabwah, Pakistan
Visit: www.skyliteinstitute.com/ April 2013 - Aug 2013

Education & diplomas

{ My academic career }

JAVA SE8 Programming Course

{ JAVA SE8 Programmer Certificate }

I have completed JAVA SE8 programmer course from Alfatraining Darmstadt.During my course I also developed a school management program as my project.

Alfatraining, Darmstadt, Germany
Visit: www.alfatraining.de April 2019 - July 2019

PHP Web Development Course

{ PHP Web Development Certificate }

During my university studies I also did a web development short course, in this course I learned PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and different Web Development patterns and techniques.

Peaksolutions College, Lahore, Pakistan
Visit: www.peaksolutionscollege.com Jan 2012 - Aril 2012

Computer Sciences

{ Computer Science Studies BSCS }

I have studied Computer Sciences in University, durign my studies I studied different subjects on Data Structures, Algorithms, OOP, Databases, Software Engineering and other Computer Sciences related Technologies.

Virtual University of Pakistan, Lahore, Pakistan
Visit: www.vu.edu.pk 2010 - 2014

Basic Studies

{ Basic Studies for School and Collage }

I finished my basic studies till 2009, I studied Chemistry, Maths and Physics in my Basic School and Collage as main Subjects, After that I started to study computer related technologies/subjects and selected Computer Sciences for my University Studies.


Stella Tax

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PHP Web Apps

If you Want a Website in HTML/CSS , Bootstrap Responsive Layout or If you want a Database Driven Website in PHP & MySQL or in Laravel or Symfony for your Business or other use or If you want a Blog in WordPress.

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JS Web Apps

If you want a JavaScript App/Website like in Node, Angular or React something using AJAX or anything with NoSQL database like Mongo DB or if you want simply a Mobile Optimized responsive Web App.

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Mobile Apps

If you want Mobile & Tablet Ready Website or if you want a Progressive App like your user can Install that on his/her Mobile from Web Browser. If you want a Native App that user can download from Playstore.

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